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Scott Youngberg: Listen to the Music

Govmn't Cheese

(Scott Youngberg)
Written and composed by Scott Youngberg

My first "Political" song!


Scott Youngberg - Guitar, Vocals

Suzi Youngberg - Vocal

Lee Sharp, Jr - Keyboard, Vocals

Jason Poff - Bass

Chris Lute - Electric Guitar

Jim McGuirl - Percussion

Govmn't Cheese                                                                    © Scott Youngberg 2012


I used to believe

The Powers That Be were looking out for me

Was way too Naïve

When I reflect I start to suspect…

We’re building our debt

(Though no one’s saying it yet)

We’re living asleep

Which makes us slaves for them to keep


Our Fathers gave us a republic

And challenged us to keep it

I sometimes wonder if they’d be sick

If they were here to see it

Pursuing liberty and life

Build a home, find a wife

Raise a family, proud and strong

But lately there’s been something wrong



A change has occurred, just not the one we wanted            

I can’t find the word, I’m just a little scared and haunted

If happiness is the root of it

I need some help with my pursuit of it

So get in line and help yourself, please

To the last of the Govmn't Cheese


Most of my blood and all of my sweat

End up going to Big Government’s percent

And anything I put away

Loses value every day

The left hand working against the right

This didn’t happen overnight…

We let it go and gave it up

So stay in line and stay shut up




Everybody’s waiting for change

But not if they have to rearrange

The life they’ve always known

But I think it can be shown

The middle keeps losing again and again

The poor have given up on waiting for when

The rich could be richer

If they’d see the big picture

And not have to win by so damn much