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Scott Youngberg: Keys Life / Journal

"Taste of Islamorada" - May 14, 2006

The annual food and music festival has a new, official name. Henceforth it will be called "The Florida Keys Island Festival," or simply, Island Fest. It has grown year after year and features local artists' crafts as well.
As I understand it, I'll be following Micah, and opening for Juice Newton.

Recording for "Rooted" is still under way, but slowly due to this incredibly busy season. 4 tracks down so far but no layering yet.

Bay Jam! - April 12, 2006

Well, that was an unexpected surprise! Thanks to Dave Feder for putting on such a great festival. I showed up around 1 pm to hear the music and immediately ended up on stage for a 20 minute set. Thanks Micah - nice Taylor. Thanks Islamorada Drummers for keeping my pace. Also Robyn Fear for providing and running the massive sound system. (Pictures posted at , or, go to the "Links" tab)

I guess I've officially begun promoting the new CD. Got two more base tracks down last night. Layers will start next week.

Studio Time Booked. - February 23, 2006

I'll be recording my new CD with... drum roll please ... Dave Feder, in his wonderful studio. I've got some time booked in March to get things under way and lay down some initial tracks. This will be a solo project mostly, but a few people have said they will sit in and add their talent to the recordings. Steve Webb will add a guitar track and maybe break out his fiddle. I'm trying to get my friend Brad Allen to come from Texas and be a part of it as well. Who knows? Maybe Dave will be inspired by one of my songs and add his hillbilly flamenco touch to it.
My working title is, "Rooted." It was inspired by one of Lauren Bacall's lines in the movie Key Largo. When asked why she was still in the Keys, her response was that she was like a mangrove tree and had put down roots. Right now it exists mostly on paper and in my head, but the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. (poor elephant!) It will all come together in island time.

side note - My Amazing Live Sea Monkeys are flourishing in their starter tank. They have a "wrist aquarium" (bubble watch) that they sometimes travel around in with me. They are exactly like in the ads - little naked people that build whole civilizations! The Executive Set (fancy tank) is on the way.

...In with the new! - January 10, 2006

The Holidays were fantastic! We threw one helluva party New Year's Eve. My folk's left for the day while Suzi and I Decorated, cooked and got their house ready for our party. The whole Chattanooga gang (Friends and Family) were all there. We killed a case of Korbel, ending the festivities at almost four AM.
While there, we got to see the "last" show of our favorite band, The Floating Men. Jeff Bishop, and now Scott Evans, are both off to the far corners of the earth to pursue long term goals (or whatever.) But I'm sure Jeff Holmes will still be writing, singing and chasing snakes. { - check out their website in the "Links" section.} There are already rumors and murmurs about the "next" show.
This year looks to be the best yet for my music. My calendar is solid, Recording for "Rooted," my studio CD, begins soon.
Hopefully it will be complete by the end of this year. Look for me mainly at Morada Bay, Cheeca Lodge, Hawk's Cay and MM 88 this year.

New Venue Added. - December 19, 2005

It's been about 4 years or so since performing there, but I have booked 2 dates with MM 88 Restaurant. I will be playing and singing on the bayside beach there from 5 - 9:30 pm on January 21st and 28th. (Both are Saturdays.) Let's see if this turns into a regular thing or not... ;-)

Getting ready for Santa - December 8, 2005

I've been so busy since getting back from Jamaica that I haven't had a chance to update the website until now. Jamaica was... was... wonderful (as always.) It will be nice to head back to Chattanooga for the holidays this year. Taking time off for Christmas will be strange after so many years. I will be putting in my application for a spot in the Riverbend Music Festival this coming summer. As for now, it's time to brush up on all my Xmas songs.

Counting our blessings - November 2, 2005

Yes - we had hurricane problems but they were nothing compared to what other people have suffered this year, locally and elswhere. We stayed. It was intense. Wilma was one Big Bad Mama. I've posted a picture of our marina during the storm surge in the photo gallery (keys life section.)
We had a huge sea grape tree come down from our neighbor's yard and lost part of our fence. We are on the hospital grid in Tavernier, so our power was only out for most of one day. There were many power surges and we are waiting for electrical repair service on some circuits in the house, but we have cold air, TV, fridge and computer. Life is just fine.
I missed three shows but its back to buisiness as usual until the next one...?

Hurricane Wilma - October 20, 2005

They jumped the gun big-time on evacuating all the tourists. I'm not saying there's no danger, this storm is scary! My work week is canceled so there's plenty of time to get the house and boat prepared. (If such a thing can REALLY be done.) If Wicked Wilma is giong north of us we probably won't leave because you can't get back into the Keys after the storm passes. If, however, She is south of us or making a beeline at anything more than category two - We're going to run like Forrest Gump.
All we can do right now is wait and look at all our belongings, deciding what we can and can't live without.
We'll see...

Suzi's Birthday today! - October 4, 2005

We're headed to Naples for 1 day of work and just fun for the rest of the time. We'll be having Suzi's B-Day dinner at her favorite restaurant, Zoe's. Returning on the 6th.

Physical Therapy vs. Shots and pills - September 14, 2005

Ok - so my "Guitar Elbow" was a lot worse than I thought. I could lift a 50 lb. speaker cabinet, but couldn't squeeze toothpaste! The anti-inflammatories and cortizone shot were not much help. 3 weeks of stretches, exercises and electro-therapy have made a world of difference. One more week and I'm done. I don't like to use my website as a forum for my personal problems, but I do have a point to make.

Why are we (all people) not taught these simple skills as a part of growing up. A simple regimen of stretching and light exercise could be the proverbial "apple-a-day." Anyone can do it, and if everyone did, It would save a lot in doctors' visits and medicines.
"I'm a believer..." - Neil Diamond

Down Time! - July 26, 2005

I am experiencing my first case of aggravated tendonitis in my elbow. I actually had to cancel a few shows in order to rest it. Basically, I damaged my funny bone. A weeks rest plus the upcoming Jamaican trip should be enough time to heal and avoid getting a shot right in my elbow. I guess it's been a good season if I've been busy enough to hurt myself. I'll be up and running soon!

Annual IGFA / Rolex Offshore Fishing Tournament - July 17, 2005

The kickoff was a great sucess as always. I always enjoy performing for "the best of the best of the best!" Mike Myatt had me come back again wednesday night as well.
Some talented people took home some mighty fine timepieces...

Busy, busy, busy... - July 1, 2005

We've only run the new boat 3 times and have yet to spend the night out. Three things have to come together - A day off for Suzi, a day off for me, and good weather. SerenityNow is ready, we just need the opportunity.

We Got It. - June 6, 2005

It was sad to see her go, but Idle Hours is gone. She was hauled away with all the dignity she had left in her to make room for Serenity Now.
The new boat is a 26' Seaswirl Striper. It is completely rigged for serious fishing (2 live bait wells even,) so its ironic that we don't even own a fishing pole. Her selling point, for us, was the overnight package (Toilet, sinks, stove, fridge and so on...) I am loving the trim tabs!
Suzi and I haven't spent the night out on her yet, but our first two trips were very eventful including a vessel assist for a broken down jet-boat and her first "shakedown" on some 2 - 3 foot swells in wind and rain. How'd She do? I'll just wink and smile ;-)

Now that's a Keys Wedding! - May 21, 2005

Rob and Kristie - You were awesome! The fact that you were married in the Keys makes it a Keys Wedding automatically. But the coolie cups - "To have and to hold and keep your beer cold" - now THAT"S a Keys wedding!
Thanks for having me out - see you again next year.

Relay for Life Fundraiser - May 14, 2005

Monday, May 14th, 2005
Relay for Life
Benefit - Midnight - 3 AM
Coral Shores High School
Islamorada FL
Price: Free
Buddy Hammond has put together a great line-up.
Many local musicians will be supporting this event. The "Acoustic" segment starts at midnight. As well as myself, many others will perform including Billy Davidson, Michael Crissan, Rick West, Fiddlin' Red and Grateful Ted. We are providing "support" entertainment for all the folks walking.

Small world getting smaller! - April 19, 2005

One of my best friends from high school in Wheaton, IL was vacationing in The Keys and saw my name at Morada Bay on a night I wasn't performing. After I got the call, Suzi and I joined him and his wife (Whom I also knew - they just weren't a couple back then) for lunch in Key West. The Duval Crawl happened afterwards and I even played a few songs at Captain Tony's (See photo gallery.)
Grant and I spent almost every "open lunch" together (usually lasting at least two periods!), and along with his wife, Angie, we all performed together in Show Choir.
I'm a little fired up about my 20 year reunion this October. Chicago is a long ways away, but I'm going to do my best to attend.
Grant, Angie - It was great to see you again!

...Time to trade up... - April 13, 2005

We have finally decided to put our boat, Idle Hours, on the market. She's still a great boat but We are ready for something brand new (and maybe a little bigger.) We haven't narrowed down our choice of new craft, But putting Idle hours for sale will be the first step. She will be marketed through the regular channels (newspaper, etc.) but I thought I'd post it here as well.
She's a 23' with cutty cabin and a 225 hp outboard. (See photo gallery.) She's ready for her annual service but starts right up and runs well.
$3,500 will make this boat your own!

10 year wedding anniversary - April 12, 2005

Suzi and I have booked our 10 year anniversary trip. We'll be going back to Negril, Jamaica, which is where we tied the knot originally. August 1st is the big day - We'll be there from July 31st through August 3rd.

New Tiki Bar opening! - April 7, 2005

Cheeca Lodge is completing one of the nicest Tiki Bars I've seen.
It will include couch seating as well as padded barstools - and everything is brand new! With the new lounge furniture, it's almost like a Tiki Bar crossed with a Coffee House. All right on the beach.

(update 4/8 - Not that it's worth anything, but I got to order the first drink opening night. The guy who built it doesn't count!)
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