Wyland, Arlo Guthrie, Miami Ink... what a month!

I am having my first day off for this month! (sort of - there's still all that "life stuff" needing to be caught up on.) It was great getting to know Wyland and the foundation staff, and playing my music. I got rained out at Morada Bay on Sunday so I called Dave Feder and he put me to work as Door Security for the Arlo Guthrie concert. After meeting Arlo Briefly, guess who showed up for the concert - Wyland. I was nothing more than a little "grease on the wheels," but they were introduced by Brownie Ballard and Arlo agreed to come out to the Wall Dedication. The rain was basically a deluge but equipment was set up anyway and no one was electrocuted. After doing my short, opening set, Dave feder Played a few songs with his son, Nyan. Steve Turre (of the Saturday Night Live Band) blew the conch shell like I've never heard before. Arlo gave his dedication speech but opted not to play because the rain got worse and ran everyone off after the ceremony. I don't blame him. After being an "object at rest" for most of the summer, My momentum and inertia are fully in motion. Goerge from Miami Ink is considering using me for a Keys episode, since I plan to have the dolphin that Wyland drew in my guitar transferred to my skin at some point. I'll be sure to keep y"all updated.

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