1. Now To Then

From the recording Now To Then

Now To Then
(One from the Dark Side... in a happy little tune.
Inspired by the fact that the older you get, the faster time goes by. It's an accelerating curve...)
Scott Youngberg - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jason Poff - Bass, Electric Guitar
Produced and Mixed by Jason Poff


Now To Then                                                      © 2011 Scott Youngberg
Through the eyes of youth I knew it was the truth                                         
If this was as good as it got, (well,) that’s OK
When things got rough what we had was enough                       
And that’s how it would stay                                                             
When the times got good I never understood                                               
That it wouldn’t always be that way                                                    
*Chorus      Time keeps moving on   
Now is now the past                          
Every Now becoming Then                                                      
Faster than the last                                      
Everyday I see                                  
Less time in front of me                                                  
I howled at the Moon but settled too soon                                                   
(Now) Each passing year I’m disappearing                                                   
I want my hunger back for the time I’ve still got                                           
Don’t get a “Do Over” or another shot 
(Still don’t know what I want to be…)         
How can this be? Complacency?                                                                 
At 43, I can see (the end of)                                                                        
My immortality                                                                                  
The World’s not what I was taught it should be
What I was told, wasn’t reality
The prices of the vices keep adding on
To the cost of life, but then they’re gone
If I have to believe all the stories I’m told
Guess I better grow up, before I grow old
Don’t really have the blues                                                                           
With no retirement to lose                                                                            
I’ll keep wearing out my shoes                                                           
Until I can’t walk.