My article from The Coconut Telegraph, May, 2011 

4 things to know about booking a  performer by Scott Youngberg.

 In response to the article “Five Essentials of Music Career Success,” by Peter Spellman (Courtesy of Dave Feder.)


As a performer, I think very “locally.” I have annual events that lead me off The Rock, but I play most of my calendar here in Key Largo / Islamorada. The article got me thinking about how different the public’s perception is from the performer’s own life experience.

Let’s say that you have a favorite local performer, and…

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So the "Season is off to a great start here in the Keys. The Weather has been fantastic. (Sorry everywhere else - I know it's been rough...)

Steve Venini has been kind enough to join me on the Beach Stage at Morada Bay Pierre's this year,  along with Dave Brigham's Rhythms.

The Green Turtle Jams on the Thusday night/Friday mornings are getting hard to keep up with, since I work both evening around them but I stiil go. It's so much fun and , hey, I need some people to sit in and record with me soon. What…

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So, island life has it's down-side. Complacency. I lit a fire under myself, on purpose. Now I'm jumping around again...

All that is just a metaphor, meaning that I'm writing again. I've found that I have a thing or two to say, as well. I've just worked up a song called, "Middle Age Sane," and I'm really happy with it. Considering that I am my own worst critic, that's actually saying something. Suzi has had it stuck in her head already, which is a great sign. I'll post the lyrics as soon as I can post the…

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Songwriter's Showcase 

I'm happy to be stepping in to Sundownwer's "Songwriter's Showcase" on friday nights. It's always nice to have a platform for playing the original stuff. Bay Jam was a great warm-up for it... I'll be there May 2nd and 9th from 6:30 - 10:00, coinciding with the Key Largo Songwriter's Festival. I'll have more on that... as soon as I get my time slots.