1. Rain

From the recording Rain

A song I love from the early 90's, written by My friends David and Ned Henry. (The Piedmont Cooks, Macon, GA)
Recorded with permission.


Night had fallen, we were fast asleep
Only to be wakened by a stampering sheet
Of rain falling down from a sky of honesty.
Window was open, nothing we could do
Water had blown all over our room
At first we didn't even know what we had on our hands.
My Love is the rain
Reality falls from a darkened sky
Soaks in the ground where I try to hide
Even in the highest places, my feet are touched with water.
And in the dry spells when the land is hot
It was then that I wish I hadn't forgot
The beauty of the soft showers laid about the land in the springtime.
My love is the rain
(Falling down on me)
When it hits me hard, hits me in the face
I live my life by the moment and trace
Back on all the little things that have brought me here
So save a place where I can see
The hard, fast showers of love's purity
And bring my peace, back to an open soul.
My love is the rain