1. The Difference

From the recording The Difference

This Started as an idea I had for a song called "Snowflakes." Then writing continued.
I ended up chucking the title and all references to it and ended up with "The Difference"
You never know where you'll end up when you start!
Written and composed by Scott Youngberg
Scott Youngberg - Acoustic Guitars, vocals, clap track
Jason Poff - Bass, percussion, electronic pig hooves and flutes
Track produced by Jason Poff


The Difference         © 2011 Scott Youngberg
You might be early or always late
You might always worry or be quite sedate
You might be winning or losing at some game
(But) Everyone is different, which makes us all the same
Some people set out to be masters of their fate
Others never go out, they sit at home and wait
But we all originate from the same template
Every individual has similar DNA
          One and one are two
          Two and one make three
          One can make a difference
          When no one else can see
           Standing still or still evolving
           We all have our different problems
           Stand together – We can solve them (with)
           The difference
            It’s what we have in common.
She likes to drive, He sits at a desk
He wants to travel far, She never leaves the nest
You’re a master of your craft, maybe the best?
Either way you’re different, just like all the rest
          One and one are two
          Two and one make three
          One can make a difference
          When no one else can see
Different people. Different Names.
Aren’t you glad we’re not the same?
Come the day - The whole world may
See the difference
Another way