Bay Jam at Founder's Park

I am officially a part of the line-up for Bay Jam this year. I say "officially" because last years set was completely impromptu. (I played but was not on the T-shirt.) I will be kicking off the show as the opening act, starting at 11:00 - 11:30 am. While the major portion of the crowd will arrive later in the day, I do encourage you, my friends, to arrive early. Not only will you get to see my set, but you'll be able to get a good spot on the lawn without fighting the crowd. ;-) I don't know the whole line-up yet, but Dave Feder and Jocelyn Celaya will perform as well. They are both in my friends on myspace so check them out. I'm looking forward to it because my whole set will be original and specifically featured songs, rather than a stream of cover tunes! also, I can't wait to play in the new TIB Amphitheatre. Come out, come early - hope I'll see you there.

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