...In with the new!

The Holidays were fantastic! We threw one helluva party New Year's Eve. My folk's left for the day while Suzi and I Decorated, cooked and got their house ready for our party. The whole Chattanooga gang (Friends and Family) were all there. We killed a case of Korbel, ending the festivities at almost four AM. While there, we got to see the "last" show of our favorite band, The Floating Men. Jeff Bishop, and now Scott Evans, are both off to the far corners of the earth to pursue long term goals (or whatever.) But I'm sure Jeff Holmes will still be writing, singing and chasing snakes. { - check out their website in the "Links" section.} There are already rumors and murmurs about the "next" show. This year looks to be the best yet for my music. My calendar is solid, Recording for "Rooted," my studio CD, begins soon. Hopefully it will be complete by the end of this year. Look for me mainly at Morada Bay, Cheeca Lodge, Hawk's Cay and MM 88 this year.

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