Studio Time Booked.

I'll be recording my new CD with... drum roll please ... Dave Feder, in his wonderful studio. I've got some time booked in March to get things under way and lay down some initial tracks. This will be a solo project mostly, but a few people have said they will sit in and add their talent to the recordings. Steve Webb will add a guitar track and maybe break out his fiddle. I'm trying to get my friend Brad Allen to come from Texas and be a part of it as well. Who knows? Maybe Dave will be inspired by one of my songs and add his hillbilly flamenco touch to it. My working title is, "Rooted." It was inspired by one of Lauren Bacall's lines in the movie Key Largo. When asked why she was still in the Keys, her response was that she was like a mangrove tree and had put down roots. Right now it exists mostly on paper and in my head, but the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. (poor elephant!) It will all come together in island time. side note - My Amazing Live Sea Monkeys are flourishing in their starter tank. They have a "wrist aquarium" (bubble watch) that they sometimes travel around in with me. They are exactly like in the ads - little naked people that build whole civilizations! The Executive Set (fancy tank) is on the way.

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